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About Action For Earth

Founded in April 2012, Action For Earth was created by Jennifer to help animals, raise awareness about animal rights issues, wildlife, wildlife and environmental issues. 

The reason I created Action For Earth, was because of my passion for animals and our World's ecosystems. Creating a World where animals are treated with compassion, respect and love, is part of my aim. 

Helping conserve our ecosystems is another. 

We don't have to accept the World as it is, just because somethings have always been done, doesn't mean that they are right, or should continue to happen.

We all shape the World around us. We are all capable of making the World a better place, for both animals and humans. The World as it is, is a reflection of human behavior and attitudes. When we change our behavior and attitudes, then the World around us changes. 

We can make the World a better place for animals. You can make the World a better place for animals. 

For the animals, you are all they have.

What did I do to deserve


Emma Brown, Blogger - Oh My Goodness

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