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Scottish Wildcat Day!

Drawing of Cat
Scottish Wildcat Day is celebrated each year on the 8th of August! 
The aim of Scottish Wildcat Day is to celebrate our only wild feline species in the UK and raise awareness about them. 
Scottish Wildcats are one of the most endangered animals in the World and one of the most endangered animals in the UK. 
Scottish Wildcats are so rare today, that it is thought that there are only about 30 or 35 individual Scottish Wildcats left in the wild of Scotland today. 
Scottish Wildcat Day was founded by me in 2016 as a way to celebrate these endangered cats and raise awareness about them and their plight. 
Scotttish Wildcats are 
critically endangered today. 
As a critically endangered animal, these beautiful cats are very vulnerable to becoming extinct in the future. 
Scottish Wildcats are at risk of becoming extinct because of things like deforestation - their forest home in the highlands of Scotland is being destroyed - and, they are also at risk of breeding with domestic cats. 
One of the most important ways to save the Scottish Wildcat and protect them is to preserve their forest home.
This means that deforestation has to stop where these beautiful cats live. Deforestation to make way for wind farms in the Scottish highlands threatens the existence of Scottish Wildcats. Preserving our last remaining forests and ecosystems is not just essential for the survival of Scottish Wildcats, it is also essential for the survival for all species who rely on forests for their existence. 
The world is in a 'Sixth Mass Extinction' event. We have a biodiversity crisis which is as important as climate change. For species like the Scottish Wildcat, it is our actions today which will either result in the Scottish Wildcats becoming extinct, or, making a comeback. 
Other animals that have been in the same position as the Scottish Wildcat have been brought back from the brink of extinction. Hopefully, the Scottish Wildcat can also be brought back from the brink of extinction. 
Scottish Wildcat Day is a day we can all help these beautiful cats and raise awareness about them.